This platform is the right place to gain access to news about EDP Voluntary Work, interact with other volunteers and learn about what this welfare network is doing in the various countries where EDP is present. 

Here you can:

  • Learn which initiatives are looking for volunteers and enrol
  • Register your own voluntary work initiative
  • Track and comment on the latest news
  • Talk to other volunteers enrolled in your initiative and quickly take away any doubts
  • Record the main results and impacts achieved
  • Learn about the contribution we are all making to the Sustainable Development Goals together with the different voluntary work initiatives

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1) I dare! How can I register on the Platform?

2) I did not receive the access email. And now?

3) I forgot my password. How do I sign in?

4) Okay, I just registered on the website and I want to participate in voluntary work initiatives. Where do I start?

5) I want to participate in an initiative that I saw. How should I do this?

6) Can I participate in any voluntary work initiative?

7) How can I link photos to an initiative?

8) How do I delete a photo/caption, or edit a caption I submitted by mistake?

9) How can I publish a voluntary work initiative?

10) How can I inform the promoter of the initiative that I have arrived at the location?

11) Can I report the progress of my initiative from time to time? And the results achieved? What should I do after the completion of an initiative?

12) I finished an initiative, but I need to reopen it and update the results, so is it possible?

13) How can I delete an initiative?

14) Can I choose someone to be the promoter of the initiative with me? And include other people to be volunteers?

15) I am a promoter of an initiative. What do I do if I have people who cannot participate in this initiative?

16) Can I stop participating in an initiative?

17) I deleted myself from an initiative by mistake. Can I re-enrol?

18) Can I invite friends/family to participate with me in a voluntary work initiative?

19) How can I change my password?

20) How can I change my email address?

21) How can I change my profile photo?

22) How can I choose or edit the Causes that interest me?

23) How can I find friends on the platform?

24) I am an organization that would like to partner with the Voluntary Work Programme, how should I proceed?

25) I am receiving lots of emails. How can I configure my notifications?

26) I no longer want to participate in this Platform. How can I disable my profile?

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