How to keep your Volunteer Program alive in the midst of a pandemic

The fourth episode of the podcast has just been published: "How to keep your Volunteer Program alive in the midst of a pandemic", a podcast developed by V2V - the first podcast on corporate volunteering and social responsibility in Brazil.

It is a podcast that gives voice to several volunteer managers, to share their experiences and the measures they have taken during the pandemic. In this episode, we hear two EDP employees, from the volunteer area and the Human Resources area: Carla Barros, one of the people in charge of the EDP volunteer program, and Fernanda Fernandes, from human resources and the volunteer area at EDP Brasil, who share how EDP is dealing with the pandemic and how they managed volunteer actions at an unusual time.

The Covid-19 pandemic forced the entire world to stop and reinvent its ways of doing things. The third sector and the corporate volunteering area also had to rethink their strategies to continue to respond to the needs of those who need it most.

This is a podcast that promotes the sharing of knowledge, solutions and answers that have emerged in the area of corporate volunteering and that can be very useful to companies that assume this commitment and this responsibility.