The 10th EDP Christmas Campaign in Portugal comes to an end

The 10th EDP Christmas Campaign has come to an end, which annually enforces its motto, "Humanize the Christmas of those who need it most" around the world. In Portugal, given the current context, the EDP Volunteer Program focused on two main areas of intervention: combating poverty and combating social isolation. In partnership with 2 social partners - ENTRAJUDA and CASA (Support Center for Homeless People) - created two volunteer actions, which sought to respond to these axes of intervention: on the one hand, EDP employees were challenged to donate bags bed to CASA homeless people, and on the other hand they were challenged to build Christmas baskets with their families and friends, and to deliver them to EDP institutions or facilities. Despite the different year we are experiencing, the impact generated by EDP volunteers was spectacular and we will be able to deliver 2058 Christmas baskets to needy families, and about 82 sleeping bags to homeless people supported by CASA. Get to know this Christmas Campaign better here and the testimonies of several volunteers who dared to participate in this Christmas Campaign and made a difference.