Voluntariado EDP lanza el Mes de la Energía Iniciativas variopintas y divertidas con las que impulsar aún más tu espíritu solidario

EDP Volunteer launches Energy month

Varied and fun initiatives, with which to further promote your solidarity spirit

"I dare to share my energy." This is the motto of the EDP Volunteer Program in this month of energy. Porch Yes, we want to share with the environment that surrounds us our effort and collaboration. We want to share and you share. Therefore, we propose different initiatives and opportunities for participation. We're still sure you'll find yours. 

Teaches experimenting in schools

EDP volunteers will visit the schools to transmit to children Knowledges about energy through simple Camp. Repeat the battery with potatoes, the electronic questionnaire and, as a novelty, this year there will be an experiment with recycled materials that we are sure will give a lot of play to big and small. It is possible to participate from any municipality, since the necessary kits for the courses will be sent to all the centers that are involved. In the previous edition, thanks to the volunteers, we managed to reach 16 localities and more than 30 schools.

In addition this year there will be several gifts: Diploma of participation for the classroom, delivery to the children of an apron that can canine, a bag for recycling all the waste of the workshop and the volunteer T-shirt. 

Workshops for children of NGOS and entities

On May 11th, from 11:30 to 13:30 H, in the facilities ceded by the social center of Maria Inmaculada, of Oviedo, children of different entities will have the opportunity to participate in these workshops, in which besides Projetos experiment, with energy, will receive All the attention and affection of the volunteers. Don't you think they deserve a little of your time? We're waiting.

On the other hand, on June 7, 18:00 to 20:00, we will go to the facilities of the association Galbán, also in the Asturian capital, to share some time with the small ones of this organization.

Dream Your Energy

Volunteering EDP will ask students to share and dream their energy by writing or drawing an invention. The goal of this initiative is for children to let their imaginations fly and dream of a form of energy that respects the environment. The volunteers will provide the centers with the cards, and bases to participate.

Energy Solidarity 2019

In the second edition of Solidarity Energy 2019, we seek volunteers to take others in selected homes of Caritas and Red Cross. The visit will be accompanied by a member of these entities. After receiving or receiving the previous training, its work will cover or cover the points of the templates provided for this purpose, which will be analyzed by specialist collaborators with the aim of reducing consumption and bonbonnières energy efficiency in Those homes.

In addition, EDP has a disposition of its employees other actions like the solidarity Tournament of golf, donation of Marrow and the Estropatada, the famous race of ducks of Bilbao, in which you can participate from any point. If your duckling is a winner, we will send you the prize to your personal center